Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cheaper to Keep Her by Kiki Swinson

Rating: 5-Stars

Cheaper to Keep Her #1

Summary on Goodreads.

"Cheaper to Keep Her series takes you into the life of Lynise Carter and her male companion Duke Carrington living their lives in the fast lane until the day Duke decides he wants to trade Lynise in for a woman. But, he's unaware that Lynise has no plans to let him go that easy..." [+ More].

Damn! Finally something worth my time. A few days ago I was depressed wondering whether something was wrong with me or just bad books were being published because most of the books I'd been reading lately sucked!

But, Alas! It looks like I just found a new genre! As a librarian, I've been asked for Kiki Swinson's books a couple of times and, bored out of my mind two days ago, I was like "let me see what's up with this author," although that type of books are not my type. Well, they are now! They are way more realistic than the crap I had been reading lately.

Okay, back to Cheaper to Keep Her, no, the book was not perfect because at one point I was like "bitch, how can you be so stupid?" But thank God Lynise realized her stupidity too and is going to make up for it.

Urban fiction seems to be, well, actual urban language and actions. So refreshing from the "literary" staff I am used to read. Yes, descriptive sex is involved too, so I just killed two birds with one stone.

I just ordered the next book in the series and can't wait!