Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

Rating: DNF

Summary on Goodreads.

I liked her in the movie Girls Trip so I wanted to read her story. Well, it is all the same: from poor to fame. But to be fair, I don't see me reading a book, for instance, about how Madonna's daughter became a model. So I guess that just people with poor upbringings have something to tell.

The book is very fast to read; unfortunately, it has no depth at all and it is haphazardly written. At least she is not playing the victim here. She talks about her foster years, some bullying and this and that with a light heart and I liked that. What is past is past.

You could say that rather than being a victim this book is about being a survivor and making it but it didn't feel like that to me. It feels like she rushed to write this book to take advantage of the little fame she got to do what celebrities do: write a book.

I think the writing in the book is her voice, but it feels so rushed and lacking in so many departments that I didn't find anything funny in here. There is no setting for any of the small scenes described here. She talks about Will Smith and Jada and I felt she was talking about aliens.

She learned to read in ninth grade, yet at the end of the book when she is 35 years old, she mentions that she can barely read. Not a big, just that now what she said before is unreliable for me.

She also mentions some encounter with Mary J. Blidge that rather than funny sounded awkward. I mean, without some little background and set up, your conversation with Blidge is not going to make laugh (assuming that was the point).

Haddish shows such an unbelievable level of ignorance at some points that it was just unbelievable. You don't know what a Bar Mitzvah is? come on! You just made up that shit to sound funny because I even know what it is (and I wasn't even raised here).

I guess that she went for most stereotypes about black people here because that is what she sells. So if you've been to some of her shows then you will get that in this book.

She definitely has (had) a story to tell, but for me, it didn't come out right in this book. What I was reading was bad acting and all over the place thoughts and sporadic dialogue that delivered empty words for the sake of making some simple souls laugh.

To write a funny book, Haddish needs to get her thoughts together in order to write a book with some coherence. 

I am so glad I checked this book out of the library! When I requested it, there were about 40 patrons ahead of me and I was just about to buy it when bam! I got it. Good; it saved me a trip to the post office to return it.