Monday, January 22, 2018

We Now Return to Regular Life by Martin Wilson

Rating: 3-Stars

Summary on Goodreads.

"Sam Walsh had been missing for three years. His older sister, Beth, thought he was dead. His childhood friend Josh thought it was all his fault. They were the last two people to see him alive.

Until now. Because Sam has been found, and he’s coming home. Beth desperately wants to understand what happened to her brother, but her family refuses to talk about it—even though Sam is clearly still affected by the abuse he faced at the hands of his captor...." [ + More]

I enjoyed this book because the POVs between Josh and Beth were distinct. I like how things developed but the story left me with kind of an empty feeling. First, I couldn't relate to the prose of 14 year old Josh. The way he expressed himself was more like a grown up. But maybe that is the way that kids talk here in the USA. Where I am from, no way a 14 year old will speak like that.

I didn't like that Beth didn't want to know, or didn't want to ask, about what happened to her brother. I get that her mother told her to let it go for now, but after a while, why won't you talk to your brother about what he went through? And she even said that she didn't want to know.

Also, the parents never talked about what happened or showed any... emotion. It was like them didn't want to know either. But I wanted to know. I mean, not the details (although I'm sick like that - and then spend a week depressed wondering how people can be that cruel) but at least I wanted to know more.

Will he ever tell his parents why he didn't escape? His attachment to the kidnapper was not explain, but I have read so many books about this subject that I know what is Stockholm syndrome by now.

As the end of the book was approaching I was getting desperate because too many things were left int he air. Maybe the author didn't want to explain every single thing so... I just wanted more.

But as I said, I enjoyed the beginning a lot (although Beth's life bored me after that).