Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pennance by Kanae Minato

Rating: DNF

Summary on Goodreads.

"When they were children, Sae, Maki, Akiko and Yuko were tricked into separating from their friend Emily by a mysterious stranger. Then the unthinkable occurs: Emily is found murdered hours later. Sae, Maki, Akiko and Yuko weren't able to accurately describe the stranger's appearance to the police after the Emily's body was discovered. Asako, Emily's mother, curses the surviving girls, vowing that they will pay for her daughter's murder.
Like Confessions, Kanae Minato's award-winning, internationally bestselling debut, Penance is a dark and voice-driven tale of revenge and psychological trauma that will leave readers breathless..." [+ more]

Definitely not for me. The first chapter was okay but after that I completely lost interest in knowing what the other girls were doing with their lives.

The first chapter starts with one of the girls telling how she viewed the murder and what has become of her life. Next we go into a different character (another girl) and what's up with her. So goes the story until all is tied up together.

For some reason, I didn't have the patience for that type of plot with this book. It could be that the characters go around a bit to say what they really want or need to say... I don't know! I just was not enjoying it so I DNF.