Friday, December 30, 2016

Coloring Book: Lacy Sunshine's In The Land Of Fae and Whimsies by Heather Valentin

Title: Lacy Sunshine's In The Land Of Fae and Whimsies Coloring Book Volume 22: Big Eyed Fairies Whimsical Sprites Coloring

Artist: Heather Valentin

Publisher: CreateSpace (self-published on Amazon)

Pages: 74

Art Rating: 4-Stars

Paper Quality: 2-Stars

Available: Amazon

I like this book because the illustrations are simple and little detailed. I find that when I am coloring and the illustrations have too many details, I get bored and run out of ideas and color combinations.

I don't find the artwork to be all that (maybe it is a printing issue) but they are cute.

The papers is your regular CreateSpace cheap paper; therefore, you should use a blank page between pages to avoid markers (if used) bleeding through the page. Also, because the paper isn't thick, you can see through the pages which for me is distracting when coloring. Thus, place a blank page in between.


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