Saturday, December 3, 2016

Coloring Book: Flower Girls by Jade Summer

Title: Flower Girls: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautiful Women, Floral Hair Designs, and Inspirational Patterns for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Artist: Jade Summer

Publisher: CreateSpace (self-published on Amazon)

Pages: 106

Art Rating: 4-Stars

Paper Quality: 3-Stars

Available: Amazon

I found this cutie after HOURS of browsing on Amazon. The illustrations are cute and what I like most is that the hair is not typical hair but hair made up of patterns. This coloring book has enough illustrations to last you all year!

On a down size, the faces are very simple and don't have any "wow" to them. You know how you are able to recognize the work of Jasmine Becket-Griffith right away? Well, this artist has published many coloring books but she seems to miss a personal style. That said, all the faces in this coloring book have he same expression (eyes, lips, and nose). But as I said before, the creativity of the hair makes up for the lack of variety on the face.

The paper quality is not bad but is not too good either. On a plus side, the back of the pages are black, so if you use markers the color won't bleed through. Also, you can't see though the pages which is good.

Below are two pages my daughter and I colored. I copied them on cardstsock paper.