Monday, November 28, 2016

My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier

Summary on Goodreads.

"Seventeen-year-old Aussie Che Taylor loves his younger sister, Rosa. But he’s also certain that she’s a diagnosable psychopath—clinically, threateningly, dangerously. Recently Rosa has been making trouble, hurting things. Che is the only one who knows; he’s the only one his sister trusts. Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and very good at hiding what she is and the violence she’s capable of.

Their parents, whose business takes the family from place to place, brush off the warning signs as Rosa’s “acting out.” Now that they have moved again—from Bangkok to New York City—their new hometown provides far too many opportunities for Rosa to play her increasingly complex and disturbing games. Alone, Che must balance his desire to protect Rosa from the world with the desperate need to protect the world from her."

I will have to find my motivation to get back to this book. It is veeeryyyy slow....! I made it half way through and so far Rosa has done NOTHING! Other than her brother telling me how evil Rosa really is, and how he has to constantly watch out for her or she could, like, provoke WWIII, I haven't seen anything of what Rosa is capable of doing.

Other bloggers who managed to finish the book said that the second half of the book is very good because you don't really know if Rosa is really a psycho/sociopath or if it is all in her brother's head. Also that the twist at the end was worth the boring first half of the story.

The concept is very good: an evil child? Bring it on! But the story would've been better if instead of Che (the brother) telling me what his sister is capable of, the author had shown me what Rosa actually did. An entire book of maybes to finally show me something was not worth my time. Personally, I don't care how bad nine-year old Rosa is anymore. I think I will have to take her brother's word for it.