Monday, August 29, 2016

Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

Summary on Goodreads.

"Held captive for eight years, Lily has grown from a teenager to an adult in a small basement prison. Her daughter Sky has been a captive her whole life. But one day their captor leaves the deadbolt unlocked.

This is what happens next... her twin sister, to her mother, to her daughter...and to her captor."

I really like the idea of this book. It is about life after the victim is rescued (or escaped). All other books stop when the villain is caught, thus leaving me to wonder what happened. I am glad this book goes after that. For me, it was like the continuation of Room by Emma Donoghue.

It is not fair that this book is compared to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train; completely different and unrelated!

I didn't give it the full five stars because I feel like something was missing. Although Lily was the victim I didn't like her one bit. She never got to me. I liked her twin Abbey better.

As I said, I feel like something is off or missing here but I can't exactly tell what. It's just that the story didn't entirely fill me.

I did like the end, though. Just what I always wished people would do in similar cases. Well, I'm vindictive.

I will follow this author and keep an eye for future books because with this story she proved that she thinks outside the box.

Also, some bloggers complained and are disappointed that the book is not about Lily's captivity. Why? The summary never said it was. In fact, the summary specifically says that it is about life AFTER that.