Friday, March 4, 2016

The Missing by Melanie Florence

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Rating: 2-Stars

"After a girl she knows from school goes missing and is found dead in the Red River, Feather is shocked when the police write it off as a suicide. Then, it's Feather's best friend, Mia, who vanishes -- but Mia's mom and abusive stepfather paint Mia as a frequent runaway, so the authorities won't investigate her disappearance either. Everyone knows that Native girls are disappearing and being killed, but no one is connecting the dots..." [+ more]

This would be like any other missing girl story but with aboriginal girls. I liked that the story was simple and straight forward.

Because the author is trying to call attention to the missing of aboriginal girls, at times I felt as it was preaching. But that was okay too, in a way.

What I didn't like was that I didn't feel any type of connection with the characters and the story. Are they special just because they are Indians? Why exactly should I care?

I think that I (personally) needed background on the community. I didn't even know where these aboriginal people were until I read in another review that this is in some town or city in Canada.

Overall, I get the author's effort regarding this topic. Perhaps a non-fiction book about these disappearances would've been better.

As I said before, the book is easy to read and the author doesn't try to show off that she swallowed a dictionary which makes the story go fast.