Saturday, March 5, 2016

Punch of Color by Hannah Lynn

Available: Hannah Lynn Art &Design
Publisher: Self
Artist: Hannah Lynn
Price: $8.50 and free shipping
Art Rating: 5-Stars
Paper Quality: 5-Stars
Pages: 10

Last night I colored my first face/portrait ever, and I loved it! I think I might have just discovered my
true coloring interest. I am tired of coloring animals and flowers.

This set of Punch of Color comes with 10 individual single-sided pages of beautiful illustrations. The paper is coverstock.

Now, I'm not literate about coloring and different types of paper, I just do it because I like it. But I found that if you use makers the coloring will look a lot better than colored pencils.

I particularly did the first layer with a Copic marker, then used a similar Prisma colored pencil, and finally went over it with a colorless blending pencil.

For the spheres, I mixed Jacquard Pear X powder mixed with Vaseline to make it stick.