Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gone Again by James Grippando

Gone Again (Jack Swyteck #12)

Summary on Goodreads.

"Sashi Burgette vanished three years ago on her way to school. The night after the teenager’s disappearance, ex-con Dylan Reeves was stopped for drunk driving. An article of Sashi’s clothing was found in his truck, and a police videotape of his drunken explanation under interrogation sealed his fate at trial. Now, just days from Kyle’s execution, Sashi’s mother visits Jack Swyteck, doing pro bono work at the Freedom Institute, and delivers shocking news: “Sashi called me..." [+ More]

I had no idea that this book is part of a series; and book number #12 for that! I grabbed the book at the library, and you know how publishers are: they refuse to include that the book is part of a series on the cover. However, this one reads as a stand-alone. I didn't need any previous knowledge to get into this one. And I like it so much that I'm going to go back and read the first one. Yes sir!

What I liked is all that death row/who did/I'm innocent thing. But I especially liked that most of the story took place in court. I am a sucker for that "overruled/sustained" thing.

Story: Sashi is an adopted teen from Russia but she has a condition called RAD. Something like she can't get physically and emotionally close to anyone. Sashi is also a compulsive liar and trouble maker.

Now, this wealthy American couple who already have a teen decide to adopt Sashi and her brother. Well, Sashi made their lives a living hell.

One day Sashi vanishes, a man is found guilty, sentenced to death and that is where Jack comes in: trying to prove that the man is innocent and doesn't deserve to die.

So go ahead, skip all 11 previous books about Jack and just read this one. It is worth it.