Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Creeping by Alexandra Sirowy

Summary on Goodreads.

"Eleven years ago, Stella and Jeanie disappeared. Stella came back. Jeanie never did.
Now all she wants is a summer full of cove days, friends, and her gorgeous crush—until a fresh corpse leads Stella down a path of ancient evil and secrets.
Stella believes remembering what happened to Jeanie will save her. It won’t.
She used to know better than to believe in what slinks through the shadows. Not anymore."

I think I really don't know the definition of horror because I did not feel any reading this book.

I have mixed feeling about this book because of such horrible ending. The ending is your typical the-culprit-confesses-everything because it is obvious that the MC will not be able to figure it out.

Yes, Stella remembers everything at the end... from when she was six years old. Is that super memory or what?

I was supposed to like Zoey (Stella's best friend), I think [?] but I didn't. While Zoey is a... hmmm... while Zoey sleeps around. A LOT. Stella doesn't. I don't see the need of authors making YA girls sleeping around like it is some kind of prize.

Anyway, poor Sam is pathetically after Stella all his life. Sorry, is that true love? In love with the same girl since age six? No, I don't think it is love but an unhealthy obsession that I have only read in YAs.

Stella was a decent MC. I didn't care much for her, though.

I was interested in finding out what happened to Jeanie (the missing little girl). I was hoping the story would keep the supernatural plot. You know, like a real monster lurking in the woods. Well, I didn't see that end coming because I was really believing the monster stuff.

And EXCUSE ME.... Jeanie disappeared 11 years ago and not even the police was able to find traces of her. But now, Stella, Sam and Zoey go back into the wood and find the very spot where everything happened. I mean... really? Wow!