Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ugly by Margaret McHeyzer

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Available October 26, 2015

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First, this would be an awesome reading for a victim of domestic violence. The story takes the character to the point where I couldn't take it anymore, and then she fights back and rebuilds her life.

That sounds promising... but the trip to get there was horrible. Lily, so smart that she got several full scholarships to the best universities in the country can't, for the love of God, recognize domestic violence for what it is. Okay, her father abused her (not sexually) all her life... This is where I ask myself what schools are there for? Surely being so smart you knew that if talked to the school counselor they would do something for you, no Lily?

After a bad beating, Lily left her father and went to live with Troy, her boyfriend. And how is Troy's home? A repetition of Lily's. Troy's father beats his wife and Lily sees the signs but all she does is ask "are you okay?" "Oh yes, dear, I am fine, I fell off the bed last night." And Lily is like, oh, okay. That happens.

Lily has constantly been told that she is stupid and boy, she is indeed. I would understand if you accept the violence because you don't know where to go or what to do, but "he hit me because I'm stupid. I should do things better so he doesn't get mad. It is all my fault. God! why do I have to be so clumsy?" That thinking, from someone who is in college to become an English teacher is just plain nonsense.

At one point Troy tells Lily she has to leave college because his career is more important than hers and she is all "oh yes, you are right." I wanted to throw up right there.

Several trips to the hospital because Lily is badly beaten and what do the doctors and nurses do? Well, they did ask her if her husband abused her. But I'd expect you to do more than that; like give her mandatory counseling in order to be discharge, maybe?

Oh! Troy beats the shit out of her one day and after several days unconscious in the hospital, when Lily wakes up he tells her that she was assaulted in the  house. Guess what? Lily believes him!! Because, he started beating you when you were conscious, but surely he stopped and then someone broke in and finished you like that.... right?

Finally, one day Lily decided that enough is enough and left Troy. And who does she end up with? A charming rich man! I mean, stinking rich, yes sir. Oh! but Lily does rebuild her life all by herself, finally goes to therapy and learns that she is beautiful, worthy, and not stupid.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this title.