Saturday, October 17, 2015

Santa; by Nicola Mar

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"Spanning the course of several weeks, Santa; details the physical and emotional deterioration of June, a victim of severe bullying after she survives an attack by her classmates. With no one and nothing to trust but faith, she struggles with the idea that the human spirit may not exist."

I can't believe how pathetically lame and predictable this book is.

First, June is bullied because she is size 8. On what planet is this book set? Is this a town full of people size 0-2 only? Size 8, people; this author thinks being size 8 is fat... moving on.

The captain of the football team and his friends are jerk. Has it ever been any other way in YA? Apparently, cute, nice, and popular don't belong together.

As customary in YA #1, June goes to a party that nobody invited her to, and... (insert music here) gets drunk. Oh yes, fat, ugly chick always get drunk when at uninvited parties.

As customary in YA #2, June gets raped. And then we have the momentary "was it rape? Because I really didn't fight it" bullshit of always. Don't worry, eventually June will make up her mind and call it rape.

Ohhh! But amidst the tragedy that June is living, there is a boy that right when June's naked pictures are posted online comes forward and confesses that he likes her. And what does June do? His prince, this guy John, is there to save me! Finally someone who cares for me. BUT, how long has it been since the rape? I week, I gathered, and June goes to John's house to have sex with him. Well, I'd call that a quick recovery.

But alas!, John is not what he seemed... boomer. Just when I thought June was going to be happily ever after.

So EVERYBODY in June's school, and I mean EVERYBODY seems to hate June (because she is size 8?). Everybody calls her names and makes fun of her and her naked pictures. So, what is poor June to do? Kill herself, of course. But since everything in June's life has to go wrong, she doesn't even do that right.

So we have June back in the land of the living living her pathetic live. Desperate much? Hmmm, I wonder where were the adults in the school when all this was happening. Counseling, teachers, etc. Nope, not in this book.

The author portrays a June so miserable that it was just impossible for me to like her. Some people will eat this right up, I'm sure.

Oh! Of course June has a best friend who is the epitome of beauty. "Why is she my friend? What does she see in me?" wonders poor June.

June also has some lame dreams with an angel (or Santa) and she being someone else that... wow! Poor imagination here.

At the end, nothing changes in June's life but she recovers and learns to be happy with exactly the same house (everybody's house was prettier than June's), best friend, mother, and body she had at the beginning of the story.

Finally, in an attempt to sell this book, the author is donating 10% of the sales to Project Semicolon, an organization providing love and support to those who are struggling with depression, self-injury, and suicide.

The author was trying to rise awareness about bullying and its consequences (suicide). In my opinion, you do not fight bullying by writing about depressed characters that try to kill themselves. So, like in every other YA, being fat or ugly is the basis for bullying? What about you give me normal people that are bullied just because?

Authors, please provide a story where school leaders and the community are actually involved trying to fight bullying. ONE character alone cannot stop being bullied. Writing about fat characters that are bullied and kill themselves is not going to stop bullying. What do you think, that a bully is going to read the story and say 'oh! this could be me causing somebody to kill themselves. I'm gonna stop now."

What the f*%(%, maybe I should write a damn realistic book about bullying myself.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this title.