Monday, August 3, 2015

Eeny Meeny by M. J. Arlidge

Eeny Meeny (Helen Grace, #1)

Summary on Goodreads.

I almost couldn't believe what I was reading. This was a different kind of thriller. Yes, it has some things that every detective/crime book has, but I enjoyed this one A LOT.

Would you choose to kill or be killed? I instantly thought "kill," but then I thought, what if the choice is between my sister and I?

Every characters had a distinct personality and I was immersed in their situation. I completely related to them and the choice they had to make.

Also, I agreed with the killer and her hatred and thirst of revenge.


Perhaps the following is not really a spoiler but just in case I wanted to warn you.

So, Marianne hates her sister because, after Marianne killed their parents because they were abusing her (the father and his friends were raping her), her sister turned her back on Marianne. Maybe Marianne could've just gone to the police instead of choosing to kill them, but then again, a desperate mind takes desperate measures.

Marianne knew that her sister, at the time 13, was next to be raped because she saw how her father was already looking a her. So she chose to kill them both to save her sister and make them pay for what they've done to her.

Marianne's sister was the one to call the police about the murder, and even worst, when Marianne went to jails, her sister never wrote to her. Marianne wrote a lot of letter to her sister, but the sister chose to ignore and forget about Marianne completely.

Why? They didn't love their parents, and Marianne's sister knew about the rape and what was going on. Then why turn on your sister like that?

Because of that, I completely get why Marianne hated her sister and wanted revenge.


As I said before, a good damn book that I couldn't put down. I will definitely read the other books in the series.