Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Night House by Rachel Tafoya

Summary on Goodreads.

What was I thinking to buy a book without reading the summary first? I just read on a blog I follow that the book was awesome and I added to my list.

Well, I just hate vampire books. Had I known this crap was about vampires... Sweet mother of Jesus! Did I just read "instant connection"?

Anyway, at 16% I just can't keep reading. This is just not my taste. Bianca sells her blood to vampires; well, actually to one vampire, Jeremiah. Bianca is also what we would call a drug addict hooked on the rush she gets from her blood being sucked out of her body (or something like that).

One night, Bianca meets James, our love interest, and she, high as she is after feeding Jeremiah, kisses him. Violá!

According to the summary they fall in love but Jeremiah, who wants Bianca all for himself, gets in the way. THE END.