Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just Plain Weird by Tom Upton

Summary on Goodreads.

So Travis lives a quite life until Eliza moves next door and everything changes.
At the beginning I was interested. Travis and his best friend were pleasantly weird. And the first visit to Eliza's house definitely got me hooked. But after that, mysterious Eliza decides to talk to Travis and the story became boring. Nothing about the story was interesting anymore.

The most annoying part is that Eliza launches into monologues that go on for pages. Even worst, the entire book has long paragraphs that take pages. I cannot stand those long, interminable paragraphs.

So no, they are not aliens, but I'd have preferred they were. Eliza and her father found an alien artifact that makes incredible things (like replicate food). The machine chose to communicate with Travis, Eliza's neighbor, and now they learn about this whole different world and, like E. T., the machine wants to go home.

The machine tells Travis, by now Trav, how to go home and he sets up the coordinates back in time but then something goes wrong. Oh! Did I mention that Eliza's mom had disappeared at the site where they found the alien artifact? Well, if time goes back that means that Eliza's mom would be back because she would never have disappeared.

Hmmm, put that way the story sound interesting; it is just that the writing was horrible which, I guess, made it not interesting for me. Travis' friend was super smart and odd, something that could have been developed and taken advantage of in the story but wasn't.

Oh! It just got me bored and DNF.