Monday, June 1, 2015

One step too far by Tina Seskis

Summary on Goodreads.

I almost feel like giving it two stars, but everything was good up to the end. I loved the different POVs and the back and forth in time.

I however, feel cheated with the twist because I don't feel the twist to be much of a twist, really. Okay, Emily felt she needed a new life after what happened, the thing is that I don't see what happened as something worth to base this book. Yes, I expected something more... grave.

I also feel tricked because the very first page of the book led me to believe something that was not. Because of this, I never guessed the twist (all along I thought it would have something to do with her twin), but I was just tricked into thinking this way.

I don't feel glad with the ending because I feel it came out of nowhere ... damn, I really can't say why without giving the plot away. I wasn't cleverly deceived but flatly lied to.

*** Spoilers      Spoilers ****

Oh! What the heck?! Stop reading if you don't want to find out the twist but I must say what it was or I would get an ulcer.

So, Emily left because her son, Daniel, was killed in an accident. They were at the park and she got distracted with her twin sister's dog when Daniel crossed the street and bam! She felt it was her fault and she couldn't face telling her husband so she ditched him.

Now, that would've been okay if the hadn't made me believe that her son was Charlie, he was still alive and she was leaving him too. You see? On the first page of the book, Emily is leaving her family and she goes to the room and sees Charlie sleeping. She leaves quickly before Charlie wakes up because then she knows she won't have the heart to leave. At some other part of the story, Emily is thinking about her husband and Charlie. Charlie! How she misses him, but she knows he is well taken care of with xxx (name of husband here).

So all that led me to believe that Charlie was Emily's son. BUT NO!! It turned out that Charlie is a fucking dog and Emily's real son was Daniel and he's been dead from the beginning.

So you see why I feel lied to? A dog! For fuck's sake.