Saturday, May 23, 2015

Short reviews: Challenger Deep - Dangerous Girls - All the Rage

Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman

Rating: DNF

Summary on Goodreads.

A difficult book to read. I've heard that it is worth to get the hang of it, but I couldn't keep up. I love books about mental illness, but I also prefer more linear stories.

I was interested in Caden, I just didn't like the format of the book, the way the story is told. Right now, I need something more straight forward.

Maybe the book is worth those 5-stars I see everybody giving it. I'm giving it 1-star so when I go through my list I can see that I attempted to read this book... and did not succeed.

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

Rating: 3-Stars

Summary on Goodreads.

You see? So many books are compared to Gone Girl for no reason... but this is one book that I would compared to it. Oh! They are not alike, of course, it's just that the end was like, well... well, this could be our next Amy.

I'm not gonna say the story was mind blowing but it was decent. It does have the usual high school shit of rich kids drinking and doing all kind of drugs. By the way, is that all rich kids in high school do, drink, drugs, and sex? wow!

All the Rage by Courtney Summers

Rating: DNF

Summary on Goodreads.

Well, we have the usual: poor girl crazy for gorgeous popular boy (in football team, mind you) that goes to party hoping to hook up with said boy. Girl gets drunk and boy rapes her. Just your regular YA. Obviously, these YA characters don't read YA or they would know better. Time to change the MO authors!

Darn it, I knew from the summary it was gonna be like this but, ... so many good reviews about this book that I got hooked. Just like Summers' previous books, this book made me mad for things that should be said but weren't.

Oh! I'm giving up. Maybe some teenager can relate to this weird behavior, I can't.

And it is official, the only book I will ever like by Summers is This is not a test.