Monday, March 23, 2015

The way we bared our souls by Willa Strayhorn

Summary on Goodreads.

Pretty boring for me. What if you have an illness (or problem) and you could switch it for someone else's? So in this book, five kids swapped their problems through some native American ritual and now they are living what the other other person lived.

The lesson? I guess it would be that your problems are not the end of the world; that everybody has problems (bigger or minor than yours) and life goes on. That you should love your life and live it no matter what ails you.

Well, that is what I guess the message of the story wants to be but the story was very boring for me; I felt it lacked depth. For instance, Kaya could feel no pain; how was it living like that? I don't know; I didn't know Kaya's life before the ritual so I couldn't relate to what the person that got Kaya's affliction was going through.

As I said, the story lacked depth all over. It was quite simple, though. I think the author just wanted to make a point of living with someone's burden so she didn't take time to explore and show us everybody's life before. I got a little glimpse of this and that after the ritual but nothing to make me side with anybody in the story.

The books is cataloged under Magical Realism  but I didn't see any of that either.