Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Departure by A. G. Riddle

Summary on Goodreads.

How can a book start so good and then turn into total crap?

I got a free sample first, and it was so good that I bought it. The beginning reminded me of the tv show Lost. But then something happened. I feel cheated. This seems to be two different books put together thanks to technology!

As soon as the main characters discover they are in the future, the story becomes a bunch of explanations about time travel and some conspiracy.

Did I really need all the quantum crap about time traveling? Nope.

Seriously, I want my money back.

At some point Harper asked, "we are in the future, aren't we?" just like that is an everyday possibility. You know, the media shows us news everyday of time traveling so it was just normal for Harper to assume that's where she is.

I'm so furious I paid for this shit.

I can't, I just can't keep reading this crap. DNF at 56%.