Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rape Girl by Alina Klein

Summary on Goodreads.

This is another typical "rape" story: girl likes boy, boy ignores girl until they hook up at a party. Obviously, girl gets drunk because in her right mind she wouldn't have sex. Sooo boy and girl make out, girl doesn't want to make out anymore and asks boy to stop. Boy (because he is not a robot) can't stop thus he rapes girl. Girl is not sure if it was really rape because she liked the guy and she was blown out her mind he was paying attention to her, BUT, she did ask him to stop, right? So, if he didn't stop is his fault he is not superman, so it was rape.

Predictably, girl's best friend stops talking to her and takes the boy's side because "everybody saw you going with him." But no worries, girl will find a new best friend who was previously her nemesis but believes her and now they will become new best friends.

At least in this story the guy got to say it how it is: hey, yes, you said stop but I though you didn't mean it. I mean, you didn't slap me or anything. You just said don't (and we know that lots of times we say no just because but internally we mean yes). Anyway, not the point here. They guy thought she did want him. Which she did, just not right then and there.

How did Adam get her pants off without a fight? Oh wait, Valerie was feeling sick and when she woke up her pants were conveniently rolled down. Her panties too?

A word of advice: when making out and you want the guy to stop, say NO like you mean it. A slap would get the point across, I think. Unless, of course, you don't want people to hear he is about to rape you...

All in all this book is just crap but I'm giving it two stars because I read it in an hour. I think that some innocent sixteen year old would dig it.