Monday, November 24, 2014

Talon by Julie Kagawa

Summary on Goodreads.

Originally posted on Elfswood.

Let me see… so simple, really, that I cannot bring myself to finish it. I like Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series but this is totally pathetic. Is this Twilight wanna-be with dragons? Because perfect, beautiful, gorgeous humans are monumental here.

Why should I care about MC Ember? Ah! Right, because she is a dragon that must pass by a gorgeous human. But she is also so tired of following the rules and the training that the order of Talon forces her to undergo. And then there is Dante, her just p.e.r.f.e.c.t. brother.
We also have Garret, the perfect epitome of beauty, as Ember puts it, BUT he hunts dragons.

Do you see where the simplicity of this is going here?

This world with dragons hiding among humans felt plain and just uninteresting to me. I can’t help to wonder if Kagawa rushed to write about dragons before the boom of Daenerys and Game of Thrones faded because this is so ridiculous that I cannot finish. I’m half way through, though.

I can’t connect with none of the characters because they all lack depth… development.

So our perfect human Garret saves dragon girl Ember of being sexually assaulted (as if there could have been any chance of that happening to a dragon!) and Ember is instantly wondering is she would ever see Garret again and “somehow break through that dignified shell to the person beneath.” But, of course she must put those thought out of her mind because Garret is human and dragons and humans simply don’t mate.

Oh! But Garret can’t get Ember out of his head either. You know, she being so beautiful and all…

Then we have a rebel dragon that left the protection of Talon and is stalking Ember because he wants her to know the truth about Talon. (….)

And so the story will become a love triangle that I have no interest in knowing how is going to end :-)