Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

Cracked up to be
by Courtney Summers
Rating: 1-Star
Summary on Goodreads.

What a piece of shiiittt!! I loved Summmers' This is not a test but this book... This book...

Parker is a very unlikable character, and if that is what Summers was going for, then mission accomplished.

I don't get why a guy keeps trying with a girl after the girls tells him in all possible ways "I'm not interested." Well, I guess that only happens in YA books. Seriously. Jake likes Parker because... She is a major asshole and somewhere out there must exist guys so self confident that they like being rejected (repeatedly) by moodie bitches who want to destroy their lives but don't have the courage to jump off a bridge.

I did not like this book because it is inconceivable that a guy in high school would try so hard with a girl.

Parker... I'm sure there are fucked up teenagers out there who just want to drink and sleep. And I'm sure there must be parents who don't see shit. But the school administration too?

The ending, oh fucking ending. So, people are never going to know what happened to Jessie because Parker is too coward to tell...??? Oh, she is finally going to get the real therapy she needs which will "help" her realise that what happened to Jessie is not her fault (somebody else killed her). But it really is her fault because she didn't say what she saw that night and just let everybody think that Jessie ran away. What person sees a girl being raped and doesn't say anything. Summers, your character was not drunk, she was hung over.

This book is completely infuriating. I consider it a total waste of time and money because I didn't get anything from it but just this sense that I want my money back, and why did I waste my time reading this?

Some Girls Are
by Courtney Summers
Rating: 1-Star
Summary on Goodreads.

Okay, I think Summers is the queen of unfinished books. Just like her other book Cracked up to be, Some girls are is unfinished; it doesn't have any closure.

Regina is bullied and sometimes she fights back, but her victories are so tiny... And short. But they are there. However, Regina loses big time and at the end gets saved by someone else. So she truly is a coward who didn't have enough guts to stand up for herself despite being a master bully once.

I just felt bored and angry with Regina and her constant need of forgiveness. Ah! She also seemed to be incapable of moving or talking quite a lot.

Frankly, I kept reading hoping to see the big moment Regina was going to have, but she was pretty much useless the entire book. I liked everyone better, even Anna than Regina.

Still, Summers has a wonderful writing style that keeps me hooked to the book, it's just that her endings are a big let down.