Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer by Demelza Carlton

Summary on Goodreads.

Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer (Nightmares #1)

I must be missing something really big in this book because it has a lot, and I mean a lot of 5 and 4 stars ratings. Why, I ask, the book is horrible.

Nathan rescues Caitlin who had being kidnapped, torture, abused, raped in all possible ways, ... and so on.

The first thing that made me dislike the book is that every fucking chapter starts with Caitlin's broken semi-monologue. Actually, let me copy some here:

"Hold her for me.
Hold her still.
Don't touch me!
Oh God, so much pain. I need HELP.
Two of them...

I mean, I got it the first time, okay? But every single chapter of this shit? Annoying.

After Nathan rescues Caitlin, she is in the hospital, sedated and sleeping for I don't know how many days straight. Meanwhile, Nathan watches her sleep, fantasizes about her... and, I kid you not, KISSES her.

Wow, a girl who has been super raped, you kissed her. Fine, she was asleep but, don't you have any concerns of getting some type of disease? Don't you care about what she was forced to do with that mouth? Apparently no.

Moving on, Caitlin is just 17 but, guess what? She is already in medical school!!! Even more, she mus had been doing some type of residency or something at the hospital where she staying because they know her there.

So, 17 and medical school? NO WAY!

And did I mention that all the time that Caitlin was sedated and having nightmares all she would do was toss around, scream, cry and say "you promised.... you promised..."

Well, this "you promised" was for Nathan who promised to help her. So every time Nathan thought was time to hit the road, Caitlin would conveniently whisper "you promised..." and Nathan would stay.

But did he stay because of this or because he liked Caitlin? CREEPYYY! Yes, he acknowledged she had all the right curves in the right places, he kissed her while sleeping, he jumped to bed to sleep next to her and hug her so she could calm down... This sleeping with a rape victim to calm her down I don't get, seriously. However, all of that would be okay if Caitlin wasn't 17 and Nathan close to 40!! Seriously, the guy is over 30 and fancying brutally raped girl who was hospitalized?

Please tell me they don't end up together! Please! Although the book is cataloged under romance. Disgusting.

I tried to move past those incongruities but I just couldn't. I was forcing myself to keep reading and it just made me nauseous. Oh, I did fell it for Caitlin, it was Nathan's characters who ruined it.

But Alas! this is just book #1 of crap. Congratulations to those who can finish it.

I should definitely come up with a zero star rating for shit like this.