Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Dare by Hannah Jayne

Summary on Goodreads.

"Bryn and Erica take a dive. But when Bryn made it back to the surface, Erica was nowhere to be found. Bryn tries to make a fresh start by burying her memories of that awful night. But when a Twitter post from "EricaNShaw" pops up on her feed and a chilling voice mail appears on her phone, she realizes that someone isn't ready to let go of the past..."

In reality, The Dare should be called I Know What You Did Last Summer.

So Brynna and a bunch of friends went to some beach one night and she dared her best friend Erica to dive. Unfortunately, Erica didn't make it back up; her body wasn't even found.

In The Dare we have the typical case of I-shuld-have-been-the-one-to-die syndrome. Brynna is constantly feeling guilty and thinks she killed her friend. Right.

So Brynna's parents move to another town so her ex alcoholic and drug addict daughter could start over. At the new school, the first day of class Brynna meets super friendly Evan who is like "are you new? Cool, let me introduce you to the gang." At least there isn't a gorgeous evil bitch who rules the school to hate Brynna.

Lamely, the he entire book is this I-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Summer chase: Brynna gets a tweet from dead Erica (sorry, no paper note, this is 2014), weird phone calls, and she starts seeing Erica everywhere.

Further more, Brynna is now not totally convinced that Erica who might or might not be dead, is trying to kill her.

I kept reading because I wanted to find out who was playing pranks on Brynna. Pathetic who that turned out to be too.

Meanwhile, Brynna's new friends are super cool and supportive; they don't care that she used to drink and do hardcore drugs. By the way, how does a teenager gets hardcore drugs? I mean, once in a while, I understand, but constantly? Whatever, Brynna is rehabilitated now.

Because now Brynna wants nothing to do with water, everything revolves around water: Brynna has to take swim classes in order to graduate; they have a party and the best part is that it is at a pool; good friend Evan takes Brynna to the beach so she can create new memories and let go of the old ones.... all of which just makes Brynna more paranoid. Water? Heeelllp! I killed my friend! I can't get in there.

The story is filled with dull conversations and shit between Brynna and her new friends while she has flashbacks of the night of the dare and other good times with best friend Erica.

At the end we know who is pranking Brynna, duh! She accepts that she is not going crazy (somebody was after her, indeed!), and they live forever happily.