Thursday, June 5, 2014

Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie

Summary on Goodreads.

"... a devastating illness that suddenly and swiftly kills all young children across the globe. Soon, they return from the grave…and ask for blood. And with blood, they stop being dead. They continue to remain the children they once were...but only for a short time, as they need more blood to live."

Oh my God, what a piece of garbage. This book is so boring that the movie Apartment 1303 with Mischa Barton is a master piece (those who've seen this joke of a horror movie will get the joke).

I'm going to call this book awkwardly boring. It reminded me of Jason Mott's The Returned in the way it is written: different accounts tied to the main even. However, while in The Returned there were emotions and feelings, Suffer the Children lacks both.

The conversations that take place in this book don't flow; they feel really awkward and... like the character utter some sentences here and there because a book is supposed to have dialogue, that's it. For instance, two people are having a conversation and instead of answering, one of the characters would think of what to say and they say something totally different. What the heck? I can't even explain it; okay, maybe I can: It is as if the conversations took place in the characters heads and what they actually say is irrelevant and boring.

At the beginning of the story we are shown different adults characters and how they interact with their children. I supposed that this is made in an attempt to show us how much they love their off springs. The love is never shown nor there, though.

Then we get to the children dropping dead and how it took each of those characters by surprised. "The children are all dead! Oh my God, all of them... just died." Wow, talk about inflicting horror.

Then comes a lot of blah blah blah and crying and my-live-is-over because all children died. Mind you, I never got any real feelings about this. I though of the children dropping dead left and right in the same way I think of my niece dropping her doll: so what?

By 36% on my Kindle the children come back alive!!! How exciting!!! One of the characters get a called from his wife, "honey, guess what? She's back, our little xxx is back!" Well, here I felt the same excitement I feel when my little niece nurses her doll back to health.

More blah blah blah about all the children waking up and the miracle this is.

Really, a The Returned wanna be.

Moving on. The children want blood. From the summary you have already guessed that the little beings are now like, vampires or something. The question is, will the parents provide the blood needed to keep the little demons alive?

At this point, I really didn't care. I stopped reading here because, frankly I didn't feel shit for the little ex angels now sons of the darkness.

I was never connected to the love that the parents supposedly feel for their children so I couldn't care less if blood was given to them or not.

DNF for the lack of emotion and development in this book. Boring as hell. Told in a kind of military narration like War Z. Didn't work for me one bit.