Thursday, May 1, 2014

Suicide Watch by Kelley York

Summary on Goodreads.

If it wasn't for the lack of romance, I would say that in this book everything is as predictable as a romance book.

Vincent has nobody to care for him so he joins a suicide group. As you can guess, he makes friends there that give his life purpose. He even scores a boyfriend.

The group is later shut down because apparently the administrator assisted members to die. This opens a debate about the legality of euthanasia that is never explored in the story. But whatever, the story is about this kid who sometimes thinks that he feels that he wants to die. Yeah, exactly like that, because sometimes he feels like dying but then the feeling goes away. Which, by the way, isn't it like we all feel sometimes?

Anyway, I think that the story might work for lonely teenagers that don't know how to get friends. Yes, you can make friends online, just be careful. Also, developing a friendship online is not as easy as the book shows, so be prepared to wait.

The story in general is not bad, maybe I should give it two stars.... hmmmm. It's just that everything is so conveniently.... arranged that it is predictable which makes it lame.

I suppose that if I had read this book in one of those moments that I'm feeling useless, I would have liked it. But I didn't, and maybe that is why I never got the sense of loneliness and desperation that the story wanted to convey.

Kids out there: don't expect to receive an inheritance to help you out with your empty lives. I think that a more realistic approach is to learn to like yourself and be content with being alone rather than expecting to make friends to turn your life worth living.