Monday, April 7, 2014

Neptune's Tears by Susan Waggoner

Summary on Goodreads.

Incredibly boring. It started okay but the insta love made it lose a star already. Then it became really boring for my taste. What teenager rather work than go shopping? What teenager thinks about work and the good she can do to others all the time? Right. This girl is very much Mother Theresa.

So a bunch of robots were sent to Neptune and they seemed to develop human feelings... Now, that would've been a more interesting story than the love I already knew was meant to be and Zee's incredible future.

I DNF it because the dialogue and characters didn't feel real. Also, the constant pieces of past information became boring. I didn't really want to know how the world was 200 hears ago because that is basically the world I'm living it right now, so I know already.

But that is not it, no. The tone is distant and I felt disconnected. Why do books set in the future keep referencing pop culture from the past? Is it in an attempt to make us feel more connected? I mean, I know my pop culture from the 90's and even some from the 70's (very few, okay? I am NOT that old), but 200 years ago? Come on!

Slow story. I read that the ending has a very good twist and this and that, but I didn't care finishing it to find out what it actually was.

If you managed to read the entire book, could you let me know what this great ending that almost redeemed the book was about?

God help us, this is a series!!!!!  Beautiful cover, though.