Friday, April 25, 2014

Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell

Summary on Goodreads.

I am so furious I wasted my time with this garbage. God! Empty annoying characters, plot holes, no sense actions, and a very, very lame, stupid, ridiculous, infuriating, I-don't-know-how-to-end-this-book ending.

I think that the idea for the story is great. A teenager serial killer? Bring it on modern time Grave Mercy. But the execution!!! Oh fucking Lucifer, I have't read anything more.... more... stupidly written!

The Kit was supposed to have an internal emotional or philosophical debate of some sort that never amounted to anything because Kit was always a flat, boring, and lacking convincing character.

Kit kept mentioning how awesome she is and how perfect she is, yet everything went well because of luck, or, in this case, because the author wrote it that way. But I was never shown Kit's cleverness. For me, she was a pretentious teenager who killed because she could get away with it (since in YA books the police are too stupid to solve anything).

This story is so full of stupidities and... and... I can't even think straight.

Stupidity #1: Kit becomes Alex's consultant in The Perfect Killer case. Why exactly is the police consulting a teenager? Ok, in YA the police are idiots and teenagers are actually the ones who solve everything. But come on! And isn't Alex like 30 years old? Why exactly is he taking Kit - who is seventeen - out for lunch? Why is he telling her things "I've never told anyone." If you are not going to explore the pedophile aspect of the character, don't introduce the situation.

Stupidity #2: Kit kills a girl and then goes to see the crime scene. Incredibly, the police let her in. Why? Why? Why? Isn't she a minor? Not only that, but Kit gets to touch things at the crime scene to alter any previous evidence of being there. On top of that, she asks Alex to describe the murder to her ... and he does. So sooo not possible; in what sane mind would a police officer discuss a crime scene with a teenager?

Stupidity #3: Kit gets letters from people requesting to have exes and anyone they dislike killed. The letters are left in a bathroom in a restaurant. Even a kid at Kit's school knows how to get in touch with this serial killer... but the police has no clue. Wow! Just fucking wow!

Stupidity #4: Kit lets the letters she receives on the body of the people she kills.... yet the police can't find any evidence of who killed the person! Seriously? For example, some guy sent Kit a letter asking her to kill her fiance because she would't breakup with him. Kit does it and leaves the letter on the body of the dead woman. How many fiances did the woman have exactly? Because it is obvious from the letter who wanted her dead, yet the police have no clue about the murder. Whatever.

Stupidity #5: Kit has been killing without a conscience since she was nine, yet just now she starts to think if the person deserved to die. I mean, why? Why now and not before? Give me some reason here. Don't just throw an attempt to a moral dilemma when the character is so obviously lacking morals. The way Kit goes about her regret for killing Michael is not even convincing. She screamed to the class "he didn't do anything!" Meaning that Michael didn't deserve to die (despite of Kit being the one who killed him). Oh, why didn't he deserve to die? Because you weren't paid to kill him? What exactly made the other people deserving of death?

Nope, the moments of "what have I done?" didn't sound real but just something thrown in the story to stall the plot.

I didn't really need a reason for Kit killings but killing somebody just because... Can we kill pedophiles and rapists, please? And the amount of people that Kit was killing! Not even real serial killers kill that much!

*** SPOILER ***
Did the police solve the serial killer case? of course not! Kit gave herself up!!!! Really? Really? Really?

I think this is the longest review I've written but it is just that this book is infuriating. Nothings is solved, nothing is accomplished, and the ending is so lame that I wish I could burn the fucking book so nobody else would have to endure what I went through with this crap.