Monday, April 14, 2014

After Eden by Helen Douglas

Summary on Goodreads.

This book is a piece of crap that reminded me of another similar piece of the same element: Neptune's Tears.

Eden is the perfect pretty girl who thinks she is worthless. She thinks she is not pretty because her skin is too white, she blushes too easily, and the list goes on. All that, to have her save the world later on and have the cutest alien on earth fall for her.

When cute Ryan shows up at a school all girls are after him. Hmmm... Really? Girls have like, no decency in books. However, ugly Eden keeps her distance because, well, she is not pretty. But as predictable as predictability gets, Ryan isn't interested in any of tbe pretty girls but he falls for Eden. And this is because.... she is ugly? Must be.

So Eden falls deeply in love with Ryan after talking to him a couple of times and finding out he is from the future. And Ryan falls for Eden because..... Still have to figure that one out.

So here we have these two insipid people that do nothing but talk politely. Yet Eden says that her life was dull before Ryan. What exactly did Ryan do to spark up her life? Oh right, he called her beautiful once.

We also have best friend Eden and Connor who, seriously, are best friends because the author says so. Ah! Typically, Connor has been in love with Eden since, like forever, but has never told her, And Eden lives in a cloud where she is oblivious of Connor's feelings for her even after Ryan himself tells her so.

I could keep going on and on about this lame book, its lame romance, and its lame characters but that would be caring too much for a piece of garbage that I do not care for. However, I will remember the book forever as it is now in my list of "pointless romance" or "romance because the author didn't know what else to write about."

And are all those five star reviews even real? Because frankly, not even the cover of this book is worth looking at.