Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vicious by Victoria Schwab

Summary on Goodreads.

Oh Lord! This is just X-Men done right. Very right. If you liked Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson you are going to like Vicious. Although Vicious is not as frivolous; it has... meaning, depth... well, a heart.

The book also reminded me of Deviants (Dust Chronicles #1) by Maureen McGowan but they are completely different setting. They are similar because of the X-Men theme.

Another book that Vicious reminded me of is The Twelve-Fingered Boy (The Incarcerado Trilogy #1) by John Hornor Jacobs and that I loved as much as Vicious.

Okay, enough of comparisons. As always, I have very little to say about good books. I don't remember in which one of the blogs I follow this book was reviewed but, thank you! I was slowly reading Vicious trying to make it last forever while at the same time needing to know what was coming next.

The book doesn't seem to be a series but, who knows? Sydney said she was determine to find the truth about Serena and Eli, so maybe there's room for more villains to develop right there.

I found the pace of the book to be just perfect. At the beginning the story would alternate between past and present, and although in the past this technique has bored me to death, in this book was done perfectly.

I love everything about the book. It kept me wondering to the very last minute who the "good" guy was, Victor or Eli?

Some bloggers found the main concept of the story boring, why? did we read two different books? Is not about a chase of EOs but how they go about it.

The end was just perfect.