Friday, February 7, 2014

The trans-fer student by Elise Himes

Summary on Goodreads.

A really insipid story about a trans boy. Well, Bryan feels more like a she, so when their parents switch town because, oh! get this: One day Bryan goes to school dressed like a girl. Can you think of anything more stupid? All of the sudden, Bryan shows up in school with makeup and high heels... of course everybody is going to make fun of him. That is NOT the way to change gender.

Anyways, because of this, the family moves to another city where Bryan gets to start over as a girl, Rachael. The only problem? That she now attends an all-girls private school. Way to fit!

The most stupid and unbelievable thing is that the first day school the principal has a welcome speech in which she says that they welcome all girls.... including trans.

Say what? In what world does an announcement like that happens? "yes girls, welcome, but, oh! by the way, there is a boy amongst you passing as a.girl." Way to take fiction the ridiculous way Himes.

Obviously, after this announcement the entire school is out to discover who the she-him is. As a result, Rachael turns into a wallflower. She won't even open her mouth scared that they'd find out what or who she really is.

Rachael is really an annoying character that won't produce one complete sentence.

The story is a bunch of blah blah blah including another student crying because she was labeled Japanese because of her features, but she is not really Japanese because she was born and raised in USA and she hasn't even been in Japan... Hello! Heritage pride, anyone?

Whatever. This book is so silly that is not even worth it the $2.00 something I paid on Kindle.

If you decide to read it, don't even think for a little that it will go into some meaningful inside about being transgender means, or the life of a trans. This is just another high school crap that doesn't amount to anything.

I abandoned the book at 60% because one day Rachael goes to visit her cousin, but she goes as Bryan. At some point during her visit she tells her cousin the truth: that she is now a she. And her cousin screams in ecstasy and hugs her so happy for her. Uhummmm, that is how we react. Right. It reminded me of the book Obsidian that, when the main character finds out her neighbors are aliens, she screamed excitedly "really? So cool!"

Pathetic. Really.

I could go on and on about how superficial and empty this story is but I have better books to get to.