Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Medea Complex by Rachel Florence Roberts

Summary on Goodreads.

Ah! I need to think what to say about this one. It was my kind of British humor.

I liked the character of Anne because she wasn't weak.

What can I say without giving the plot away? Well, that not everything is as it seems.

Although I enjoyed crazy Anne, I became a little bored at the beginning. Okay, you are crazy, I got it. But when the true Anne revealed herself... I was hooked.

I liked the way the plot was built. I don't know what the point of the dates at the beginning of each chapter and POV were, though. I felt it was confusing me since I couldn't see a pattern, so I just stopped paying attention to that.

I can't say anything about the historical aspect of the story. I am not familiar with it, and I wasn't wondering if x and x references were right. I read a review that said that the question "are you on drugs?" was not from the Victorian era so the reader DNF the book.

So I was wondering, how did people during that period asked if someone was on drugs? "Are you on hallucinogens?" "Are you on Opium?" It is interesting how little things make us DNF a book (like too much mentioning of red hair, in my case :-))

But I completely get if someone with a Ph. D. on the topic would find discrepancies in any historical fiction.

Anyway, I liked the period the story was set, the language, the dialogue, everything! I wasn't examining if it was Victorian or not, but I was enjoying the story as a whole.