Monday, February 3, 2014

Tampa by Alissa Nutting

Summary on Goodreads.

The story opens with masturbation, so if you have issues with sex and the thought of masturbation, don't read this book.

Nutting is a pervert, artistically speaking, and this book will either infuriate you or make you acknowledge a great creative writer when you read it.

The thought of seducing a 14 year old is disgusting, and having sex with a pubescent boy is just... wrong. But this book is a work of fiction and as such, it is incredibly good.

I found Tampa to be a totally refreshing and humorous account of pedophilia that might not be too far from reality.

I warn you again, if you have some type if sex taboo, DO NOT read this book... Otherwise, enjoy it as the wonderful piece of the creative writing that Nutting has produced.