Monday, February 17, 2014

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Summary on Goodreads.

I was annoyed and bored of Lou. She doesn't understand why Will doesn't want to live anymore. Hello! What about spending the rest of your life waiting for other people to chew so you can swallow?

Lou is the typical shy case with convenient moments of personality outbursts that justify her paycheck.

At one point, she quit her job because she learned that in six months Will wants to commit euthanasia but she doesn't want to be part of it. And what does it have to do with you, exactly?

Lou takes Will outside, to see the world so he can regain his love to live.... Wasn't he used to "see the world" before? With his own two legs? How will seeing the world from a wheelchair make him feel better?

What's up with the other POVs popping in? Do I really need to read what Will's mother is thinking? Especially when it is told in the same voice as the rest of the book.

Lou has horrible taste in clothes; Will tells her she should become a designer and, viola!

Do people become hairstylists because they don't know to style their hair? Does one become a makeup artist because you apply your own makeup like a clown's?

So Lou falls in love with the quadriplegic and wants to build a future with him.... How exactly? Will she now be her maid for free? Oh! Right, Will's family has money so Lou won't have to actually work other than making sure Will is content.

And how is she planning to have children? Does Will's... thing work at all? I might have missed that miraculous development in the bunch of pages I skipped.

But guess what? Despite Lou's effort, Will still wants to get euthanasia so Lou breaks down and calls him selfish and blah blah blah. Wow! Who is really the selfish one here?

At the end, Will goes through with his initial plans, thank God!