Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do you want to read a negative review?

The piece "Do we really need negative book reviews?" appeared on the New York Times.

I loved Francine Pose's list of what enrages her about a book!

Well, there is a reason why so many colors exist, and so do books.

I am deeply thankful to my fellow bloggers when they call a book by what it is: "crap," "a waste of time," and so on. Why, it saves me time to spend on a really good book! if you ask me.

Anyway, many many bloggers are not as... vocal as to use the epithets above, but I like knowing why you think a book is bad even if we don't have the same taste in books.

What I absolutely can't stand are bloggers who NEVER have anything bad to say about a book! I mean, not even Angelfall was that perfect! :-) Well, maybe it was...

And I must admit, bad reviews are way more fun to read! Oh! And sometimes I do read a book just to see how bad it really is.