Thursday, January 9, 2014

Through Glass Volume One by Rebecca Ethington

Summary on Goodreads.

The book needs major editing; too many grammar mistakes. The story is interesting and unique, but the red hair, porcelain skin and green eyes killed it. Alex wouldn't just tie her hair but tie her "red hair."

Can somebody tell me the importance of the hair color here? Is it going to play a major part in the story later? Otherwise, I just don't get why the author focused so much on it.

Sooo Alex is weak, hungry, and doesn't know how to fight, yet she is able to kill some of the monsters... the first time she tried! Is that luck or what?

How many times was Alex on the verge of being killed? And how many times did she scream "no!" and "it's not supposed to end like this..." In other words, I got bored with this scene the third time I came to it.

There's some things in the story that make no sense at all. For instance, how did Alex and Cohen learn sign language? Well, it is not a biggie because they had to communicate through the glass somehow... yet I wonder....

For some reason, I cared more for Cohen than Alex. I really didn't buy Alex's character.

Although the concept of the story is interesting, it felt dull. I struggled to finish it and, obviously, won't be reading the other books in the series.