Sunday, January 19, 2014

Genesis by Bernard Beckett

Summary on Goodreads.

I think that of all the books that I've read where teenagers talk like they have a Ph.D. this is by far the more...unbelievable.

Super smart Anaximander has to prove just how smart she is to enter some academy.

Why, if you asked me, when she said that "history has shown us the futility of the conspiracy theory. Complexity gives rise to error, and in error we grow our prejudice" (p. 30) would had been enough to make her an instructor at the damn academy.

The story is set in the form of an oral examination, like defending your dissertation for a Ph. D. Unfortunately, the writing is dry and unappealing. Obviously, I didn't fall for the philosophical debate of humanity and free will.

However, read if you consider yourself a higher thinker of humanity's philosophical dilemmas; I am not.