Monday, December 9, 2013

The Trap by Andrew Fukuda

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The Trap (The Hunt #3)

I didn't enjoy The Trap as much as book 1 and #2. In book #3 we completely lost the oddities of being human vs. vampire, except for one instance where the doctors in the lab scratched their wrists (if I'm not mistaken). Those differences is what I liked about the story.

Who is this supreme ruler? Why would everyone follow him? Is he the ultimate Dracula with powers to vaporize whichever vampire went against him? Do rulers got chosen like we choose presidents? How long had the ruler been in charge?

Those are some questions that came to mind after reading The Trap.

I didn't like the constant about-to-die scenes because, obviously, Gene and Sissy were not going to die. A couple of times of this hanging danger was okay, but it was so repetitive that I just rolled my eyes and moved one.

***** Spoiler*****

Why did Fukuda had to kill everyone but Gene and Sissy? Did what the others go through amount to nothing?

***** End Spoiler *****

I had to literally forced myself to finish the book and see what the deal was the origin.

At the end, we discover an interesting origin that wasn't fully developed and left me just wondering "really?" Some will say that precisely that is the point of the book, but for me, a final book should answer questions, not lead to new ones... unless the author is planning on continue writing the series.

If this series was to continue, I would not keep reading them. I am saturated of vampire blood, flash speed, and gruesome details.

Despite my dislike for The Trap, I still recommend it because, well, you need to finish the story.