Monday, December 23, 2013

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Summary on Goodreads.

I feel almost evil for not liking this book. I gave up on page 99!

The prologue was really powerful, and I was so excited thinking that I was about to discover another great series... But then a bunch of Epics started to drop in, if just by mention, that I lost interest.

I am a fan of X-Men, so I do like the whole super power-mutant ability thing. But Sanderson doesn't give me the chance to root for one character! So many Epics are just mentioned that I didn't know who did what. Even worst, Anderson didn't give me time to marvel over their abilities.

For instance, it is mentioned that x Epic could do this or that, and another Epic could could only be killed if 5 people shot at him at the same time... I mean, the book was becoming a directory of Epic abilities. I didn't feel attached to any of them.

In short, didn't care for anybody; not even David.

The book is fast paced, thus if this is what you like, you'll enjoy it. And I do like fast paced books, but I need time to get attached to somebody in the story.

I didn't finish the book because I became lost at who was whom, except for David. I really regret not liking this because, I said above, the beginning of the book is... well, epic.