Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dead to you by Lisa McMann

Summary on Goodreads.

I said good-bye to 2013 with this great book! This is the last book read this year!

I am out of words. This is just a really wonderful story. Of course I didn't like the ending, but any other way... it wouldn't had made the story so powerful.

I could feel how Ethan went from broken to whole. I was immersed in the story, and I could relate to the tension that his return created between him and his brother. How would it feel to be the neglected brother?

Ethan went missing when he was seven and now is back home. How many cases of missing persons being found after years, and alive, have you heard of? Right. So, it was really a miracle that after 10 years Ethan is still alive.

Everything was fine until his brother started having issues with Ethan. Apparently, when Ethan disappeared it was all about Ethan, and now that he is back, it is all about him again.

This story would be great for families with missing children. Even if superficially, it covers how the other child (the one left behind) feels when the attention is all for the missing child, neglecting the one who stayed.

Back to ending... it might enrage some people that it ended the way it did. I just think that it was a powerful ending that upset me at first, but made me totally love the story even more.

Oh! After a series of books not worth my money, finally, this book was money well spent.