Monday, November 18, 2013

Forty Nights by Stephanie Parent

Bookworm Brandee and I are fans of Neima's Ark. As soon as the book came out, Brandee got it (by some magic unknown to me)... And theeennn, because I was poor, she gifted it to me. Thank you!

Here is our dual review.

Background: Forty Nights is book #2 of the Neima's Ark series. When the flood came, Neima and her family took cover in the ark. Besides Noah's family, an extra soul was found in the Ark: Jorin. The previous book ended when Noah found out about Jorin and ordered to throw him out into the dark and dangerous waters of the flood....

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My three questions to Brandee:

1) How did you like Ham?
I didn't like Ham so much. He wasn't a likable character. I thought it was interesting to think about how righteous Noah's family supposedly was and yet, Ham (and his son, Kenaan) displayed several traits that could be considered 'sinful'. He was clearly envious of Shem. And Kenaan - well, he was just wicked. And he displayed sloth and vanity. Sorry, didn't mean to go off topic...Ham was like a sheep. He was envious of Shem's position in the family, and whatever advantages he felt came along with that position, and therefore blindly went along with whatever Noah said...he didn't think for himself.

2) What did you make of God not speaking to Noah any more?
I figured God was busy...making the rain and all. :) But it was curious...I can't imagine how lost Noah would feel if God had been talking to him all along and then, suddenly, nothing. However, Noah had done what God has asked of him and it seemed as though the ark was as far as God went in his requests. Noah didn't even know how long the rain would last, did he?

3) Did you expect the book to end the way it did?
No, I didn't really have any expectation of how the book would end - except that Neima and Jorin would survive. I was happy with the ending, though.

Brandee's questions to me:

1) What did you think overall?: I continue to love the story. You know how sometimes you read a book and then the next one is not so great? Well, this one kept the same rhythm of the first.

2) Did you like the ending?: I didn't expect it to be like that. I wanted to read what the world looked like after everything was destroyed. Didn't anyone else really survive? :-)

3) What did you think of the changes -the characters underwent? i.e. Neima's parents going against Noah...: Neima was a strong character from the beginning, It was only natural that she would "speak up" (even if a little) for Jorin. Isn't is interesting how we lose decorum in the name of love? The character that had a big transformation was Japheth; I didn't see that one coming.

4) Who's your favorite character? Animal?: I liked Shai because I think that something can be done with her (as in writing another story) and I liked the dove. The elephants should be fun but way too smelly!

What stories came to mind as we read Forty Nights?

Brandee: The Garden by Elsie Aidinoff

Lectus: Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand by Gioconda Belli.