Monday, November 25, 2013

Donny and Ursula Save the World by Sharon Weil

Summary on Goodreads.

This story was a fun ride. The book is funny, but don't expect funny in the sense of stand up comedy. This is.... an upscale kind of funny.

Donny doesn't get Ursula and her weird "pets," but he sticks around because he wants to have sex with her, and he knows that eventually, she will have sex with him; it's just a matter of time. Wow! That is self-confidence!

Ursula doesn't want to have sex with Donny because she can't orgasm. So, what's the point, right? Just doing it for the guy's sake? Well, no more. But that changes when Ursula starts taking belly dance classes with xxx (forgot name). She helps Ursula discover her own sexuality, orgasm, and restore the balance in the universe.

Now, don't think for a minute that the world Donny and Ursula are saving has to do with sex or orgasm. Not at all. There is some threat to mother nature that is going on that Ursula feels she has to take care of, and since Donny would do anything to have sex with Ursula, he enlists in the task.

I was chuckling throughout the book. It was a fun, light read that would definitely enlighten your mood.