Monday, October 14, 2013

Where is my Kindle? White or Fire?

Background: I live in New York City. Unless your are filthy rich, here in NY we live canned like sardines.

Despite my incredible talent and beauty, I live in a room; that is, I pay rent for a room. The only problem with this room is that it has swallowed my Kindle!

Seriously, a week ago, I was reading The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan; I put down the kindle to take a shower... and poof! It vanished. No, nobody took it, and no, I didn't "misplaced it" which it obviously is.

The conscious side of my brain says I left it on the bed; only god knows what my unconscious side did with the kindle.

I have turned the room upside down, inside and out and can't find my other half! Ahem, the kindle. So I am going to buy another one.

The problem: Which kindle to buy? Paper white or Fire?

I previously had a regular kindle with electronic ink screen that looks and reads like real paper and loved it.

What I want: electronic ink screen that looks and reads like real paper, BUT, I wouldn't mind a colorful kindle with email functionality and all that modern stuff.

The question: What kindle do you have and why you like it?