Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Round House by Louise Erdrich

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Summary on Goodreads.

Slow pace and too many details given. I am not a fan of this type of narrative.

For instance, something happens in a page and instead of following the flow Joe talks about something else, and two pages later goes back to the main thing. I found this distracting because I wanted to know WHAT happened and what was going on in that moment, not to start reading about his mom's rape, stop mid narrative to read about how le learned to do this or that, and get back to the rape with the family in the hospital.

I cannot seem able to force myself to read past chapter five! So I'm DNFing it here.

all I know is that the Joe's mom is a Native indian who was raped, but because she is not white American the laws don't apply the same way.

This situation makes me think of The Lynching of Louise Sam; but while I enjoyed Stewart's book, I don't find The Round House enjoyable. At all.

I am not offended by the sex or violence in the book. And I don't think that Erdrich's choice of a 13-year old boy to tell the story is propestorous or scandalizing.

I just didn't enjoy the writing style, couldn't connect to the story, and got bored.

Dislikers of this book wonder why Erdrich won a prize. Well, it is easy to see that the subject of the book is prize deserving: a native Amrican discriminated by white laws? Oh yeah, very prize inducing.