Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Preservationist by Justin Kramon

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Summary on Goodreads.

Is Julia a robot, or is she just following a script? Julia doesn't show ANY emotions whatsoever! I know when she is upset because the author is telling me she is, not showing me.

Julia lives in another world where nothing gets through to her. The mystery was okay, but I couldn't enjoy it because ALL the characters are empty, monotonous, insipid, bland and so on.

Let me try to slow down and explain why I found this book and writing weird.

#1. Julia and Marcus: I thought they were adults, but half way through the book Kramon mentioned Julia is 18 and Marucs is 'a boy.' When I read this, I had to shift my perspective, because it is one thing to read a story imagining the characters are adults, and another one to think of them as teenagers.

#2. Julia started dating Marcus and then switched to Sam. All good until Kramon started pulling Julia away from Sam. And I say that "Kramon started pulling Julia away" because I never felt Julia was a real character, or that she was doing anything.

The story is all tell: "He decided to visit Julia;" "Julia decided to go for a walk;" "He went to wait for Julia;" "now he started walking through the courtyard." Frankly, the characters don't do anything by themselves.

#3. Going back to the robotic part (this is a little chat on page 109):
Sam waits for Julia in the parkinglot; when she arrives, he tells her "I was worried for you."
- "I'm fine. Really. You don't need to check up on me. I'm very safe." Hmmm, a girl was raped, and he IS your boyfriend so he needs to worry about you.

Sam: "I do it because I care about you, Julia. No other reason. You know that. I'm concerned. I love you."

Julia: "I understand. I know you're concerned about me. I just need some space."

Let me pause again here. The guy just told you he loves you... a little emotion, please? What about that her face showed surprise or something? No, robotic Julia keeps her line and adds "I want to break up. Please don't call me..." and blah blah blah, and runs away. Now THAT was intense! why the hell did you break up with him all out of the blue? Oh! In the next page, robotic Julia gave an insipid explanation that left me even more confused.

So who is the psycho in this story? Marcus or Sam? I skipped pages like there was no tomorrow to find out. Note: just to find out who the real psycho was, I wasn't interested in the why at all.

I want to go on and on about how these characters had no depth or soul. They felt like empty lines filling the pages to create a plot. Which brings me to the plot.

It was interesting, really, I just stopped caring about it when I realized that monotonous Julia and Sam were giving me an ulcer. I wanted to scream and tear up the book. I have never felt so infuriated with a character; or should I say the lack of it?