Saturday, October 19, 2013

Carrie the movie

I just came from watching the new Carrie movie and I loved it!

Now, I was never a fan of the first one. I used to watch the reruns and that was that. I have never read the book either; so I don't know how much is true to the book and how much is not.

Okay, the new Carrie and what I liked:

#1. This movie is more real. I know... it's been like... 30 years since the one with Sissy Spacek? I don't mean the visual effects (time obviously improves that), but the setting in general.

#2. This time I got why Chris took it against Carrie. Maybe I missed that in the other movie so I might watch it again to make sure. But this time I totally understood why Carrie "deserved" a pig's blood bath.

#3. I used to wonder why nobody cared about Carrie. Is anyone really that outcast in high school today? Well, this movie showed a little bit more caring which takes me back to #1.

#4. Carrie's mom; I knew she was crazy but this time we see a little further into that mental imbalance so I understand that she isn't just a religious fanatic but that she is actually psychologically disturbed and in need of some Prozac.

#5. The end: the school burns down..., and then what? This time, I we see the "after party." I found this ending sooo much better. The message of the movie, something in the lines of "there's just so much a person can take" was implied in the other movie, but this time is clearly out there for bullies.

#6. Carrie was in charge. She knew she had some type of ability and researched it; and she took control of it and used.

What I didn't like:
#7. The ending. I know, I know! I did like the general ending, but I just wonder how the actual destruction is going to be explained to the rest of the world? I know IT IS A MOVIE, but I always wonder about these things.

Also, when they make another Carrie remake, like in another 30 years, I would like a different ending. This time, I would like Chris to stay alive (disfigured or quadriplegic) to live through what she caused.

And since I'm at it, I would like the next movie to have a less weird Carrie. I mean, it would be okay if she had some friends and then Chris went psycho and all; I just don't think that it is possible to be all that... friendless.