Friday, September 6, 2013

Worst things that can happen while you're reading

See the full list here.

Which one has happened to you?

1. You spill your coffee.

2. Your subway car gets crowded.

3. You still have to go to work or school.

Even though you JUST GOT TO THE BEST PART!

4. Your favorite character dies.

5. Your bookmark falls out.

6. Your favorite author’s new book is a total flop.

7. You have to go to the bathroom…

8. You Discover A Missing Page.

9. You start to get car sick on a long trip.

10. You left your book somewhere.

11. You have to wait for your friends to finish a book so you can FINALLY talk about it.

- Living in NYC, I've experienced #2. Have you ever been on the train after a Dominican Day Parade? Total madness!!!!

- For #6, I take the book with me :-)

- When I was reading Fracture by Megan Miranda, it had a lot of missing pages!

- I always get #9 but keep doing it.

- And #11 is the reason I started blogging.