Monday, September 9, 2013

The Returned by Jason Mott

Summary on Goodreads.

First of all, The Returned was picked for a TV series before publication. I was seriously wondering why. Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy to read this almost master piece and find out why it was optioned for TV.

Well, the book is damn good, that’s for sure, and a TV series based on it would be just perfect. As I read, I was actually picturing all the turns that the show could take from the little sub stories in The Returned. By the way, the name of the show is Resurrection and you can watch a trailer here

As you know form the synopsis, dead people were coming back to life. Make that people who had been dead for over 60 years. Awesome, right?

But what about the coming back of people we wouldn’t want to come back? Like an abusive ex-husband… or Hitler? Because the resurrection didn’t have seem to discriminate. 

The Returned shows the world’s reaction to this miracle (for those happy with the returned), or phenomena (for the angry or jealous ones). 

In most of the reviews I’ve read so far, bloggers seem a little disappointed with the ending of The Returned, and I too, feel this way. 

I am completely satisfied with the explanation for the returned (why people were coming back). What I didn’t like was the fighting scene at the end. Would you go to a place where you know some people are waiting to kill you? This is my issue with the ending. Sometimes, authors have scenes that make no sense at all.

Besides this little issue with the ending, I wasn’t a fan of Lucille’s excessive recollections either. I wanted the book to go faster but it went slowly. Slow not in a bad way, though; Mott is quite an engaging writer, it’s just that there were times when I felt like, “can we get to the point already?” But this is just a personal preference.

The concept of The Returned is brilliant and the execution a real master piece. I am absolutely watching the show!

I want to leave you with a little question, though. If you were to live in The Returned, what would you do if your loved one is not coming back?

I don't know why Amazon is offering the prequels for free, but they are. So follow the links and download them before they change their minds :-)

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